Adventist City Missions got started in 2008, and formally organized in 2009. For almost two years (February 2010 to December 2011), ACM was involved with a vegan restaurant in Wichita, Kansas. Unfortunately, financial pressure led to the closing of the restaurant—but not before we had learned a great deal in the University of Hard Knocks. That education is priceless to us, but we do our best to give it away for free in a soon-to-be-available “Document.”


Aside from the hands-on education, we’ve been blessed by the hard work of others who have gone before us, gathering up the instruction and the history of the development of “Medical Missionary Work” under the leadership of Dr. John Kellogg, and that of “Gospel-Medical Missionary Evangelism” under the leadership of Elder J.H.N. Tindall.


Since they were both human beings, it’s safe to say that their work wasn’t perfect in every regard. Still, there is plenty in this history that we find of value. We hope you will, too.