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This is the ACM Resources Menu page. The menu itself is at the top of this column.

We have two main categories of Resources: “Documents” (which are mainly historical clarifications on God’s plan for Gospel-Medical Missionary Evangelism) and “Presentations” (which are the slides and notes of talks on Gospel-Medical Missionary Evangelism).

That may sound a little narrow minded, or possibly even monomaniacal. Well, it isn’t. It could be, if God’s plan for Gospel-Medical Evangelism weren’t so tightly interwoven with just about everything else of any importance in Adventism. (Don’t believe it? Check out the “Atonement Series” on the “Presentations” page.)

Aside from the two main categories, we sometimes put up pages devoted especially to a particular series of meetings, even though they may be near “re-runs” of something already on the “Presentations” page.