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Every speaking appointment has its own parameters of number of presentations and time allotted for each. That means information gets packaged in all sorts of different ways… and that means confusion when you try to sort out all the sets and sub-sets later on.

This listing should help this situation, by giving one more or less “complete package.” Of course, the other good way to deal with this is to get d’Sozo: Reversing the Worst Evil, available from Remnant Publications.


  1. The Big Question—A look at the driving force behind the great controversy, from the rest of the universe’s point of view. (Similar to first part of the “Long Campaign” presentation.)

  2. Victory!—God’s plan to refute the accusations of Lucifer actually make sense... but it faces some daunting challenges at the end of time. As an added bonus, understanding this helps explain the need for Medical Missionary work. (Similar to last part of the “Long Campaign” presentation.)

  3. The Works of Atonement—What it means to be “at-one” with Christ.

  4. The Unified Field of Atonement—The atonement and a whole bunch of other important last-day things all come together in... what?

  5. Kellogg vs. the Ministry—The sad story of how pride and selfishness affected our ability to carry out God’s plan for full-scope evangelism.

  6. The Troubler of Israel—The Loud Cry had begun by the end of 1893, Ellen White wrote. Perhaps no one was asking, then, how long it might last. Surely the Lord was coming soon! Dr. Kellogg, however, wasn’t quite so confident as his brethren….

  7. Ministry 2.0—In Australia, Ellen White found opportunity to start over, to set an example “that will show to our friends and brethren in other lands how the evangelistic work and the medical work should be carried forward in perfect agreement, in perfect harmony, blended together.”

  8. An Assured Standing—In 1905 God gave us Loma Linda; in 1907 He re-wrote California medical licensing law to help the College of Medical Evangelists establish a superior brand of medicine. But when the dust settled, we opted for “regular” medical practice. There are lessons to be learned here....

  9. Costly Words—When Dr. Kellogg attacked Ellen White, his favorite complaint involved a building that never got built. But what does that say about the building that did?

  10. Prototypes—Never fully implemented, but never fully forgotten; that’s the story of Gospel-medical Missionary Evangelism.

  11. Insanity—Does Jesus really expect us to do all this stuff? Really? Wouldn’t that be a little insane?