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Dave Fiedler has had the privilege of serving as Adventist City Mission’s primary spokesman, and a number of his presentations are now available on AudioVerse. Most of these deal with Gospel-Medical Missionary Evangelism in one way or another, but some have been recorded more than once, and that can be confusing. We hope the following list can simplify this.

Please note that on the AudioVerse download page there is a PDF “Attachment” available for each sermon. We highly recommend downloading these along with the sermon. The PDF’s provide both the PowerPoint slides and the sermon notes, and make it much easier to follow the presentation.


  1. It’s OK to Die—Dave’s personal testimony about the beginnings of Adventist City Missions.

  2. The Long Campaign—God’s plan to refute the accusations of Lucifer actually make sense... and help explain the need for Medical Missionary work.

  3. Kellogg vs. the Ministry—The sad story of how pride and selfishness affected our ability to carry out God’s plan for full-scope evangelism.

  4. The Door Was Open—In 1905 God gave us Loma Linda; in 1907 He re-wrote California medical licensing law to help the College of Medical Evangelists establish a superior brand of medicine. But when the dust settled, we opted for “regular” medical practice. There are lessons to be learned here....

  5. Costly Words—When Dr. Kellogg attacked Ellen White, his favorite story was of a building that never got built. But what does that say about the building that did?

  6. Picking Up the Pieces—Never fully implemented, but never fully forgotten; that’s the story of Gospel-medical Missionary Evangelism.

  7. A United Work or the Worst Evil—What is it that makes combining preaching and healing so important?

This next series of three short talks on 1888 may surprise you. There really is a connection to medical missionary work.

  1. Diagnosis—It’s hard to co-operate in the treatment if you don’t know what the disease is.

  2. We Hoped...—A rupture within the Adventist Church seemed possible in 1888... and one other time.

  3. It Began Well—Whatever happened to the Loud Cry? Dr. Kellogg had some ideas.

On the weekend of April 13–15, 2012, a “Reaching the Cities Summit” was held at the Triadelphia Adventist Church in Clarksville, Maryland. It was great. Now, admittedly, it will be a lot greater when all the good things that were talked about become realities, but great movements have to start somewhere.

This summit actually started off as a “grass roots” effort to brainstorm a plan of action for the Baltimore/Washington, D.C., metropolis. Then, because Clarksville is near the General Conference offices, and since it happened to come at the time of the Annual Spring Council, it grew into something more than just a local effort.

The presentations were all good, so we won’t pick favorites. We’ll just give you the link: “Reaching the Cities Summit”